my own inspiration

I'm often inspired. I know... a little bit of a weird sentence to write after my last post. Let me explain.

I get inspired by a lot of things every day - great stuff I read or see online. Pithy quotes in movies. Profound lyrics colored by beautiful melodies. You know the stuff.

But I'm lazy. Really lazy. I want so badly to put this inspiration to words or music, but I end up giving a lot of my time to less meaningful things (hello facebook. I'm talking to you). Why is that? When does it change? I mean, I'm approaching 30 at a full run, and I'm scared that when I hit it, it's going to hit back twice as hard.

What am I saying? Who knows. Maybe this is a prayer. God, help me give life to something significant instead of letting inspiration stir me and then fade. Yeah, maybe it's a prayer... or maybe it's just a rant.

Let me end by saying nothing at all.

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